Sunday, July 5, 2009

Let me guess what you are thinking…Great, another Blog! Am I right? I would be willing to bet I am.

Some think that when Historians look back at this period in time; they will label the Internet/Blogs as the reason for the decline of Western Civilization. Perhaps they are right.
So, why a Maryland Music Scene Blog? Honestly, I don’t have a great answer. I hope people will read it, enjoy it, and tell their friends. What do I want to gain out this experiment?...Fame?...Fortune? Even I am not delusional enough to think that will happen. I have nothing more than a “pipe dream” at this point that someone will see my blog, read about a band I have reviewed, and said band will move onto bigger and better things. But I am getting way ahead of myself.

What is my plan with this Blog? Here is the rough sketch that is bouncing around in my head. I plan to go to live shows throughout Maryland and write a review of the band that performed that night. That is about all that is “bouncing around” that is a definite. Other ideas that aren’t so concrete are:

1) Take a few pictures of the musicians performing (I am not a photographer…at all…so I am not sure if that will work).
2) I might try to do a quick interview with the band between sets or before a show. Assuming someone in the band wants to talk to me.
3) Interviewing some of the people attending the show to get their thoughts…also assuming they want to talk to me and not hit me or pour a drink over my head.

Of course, I will link their websites and or MySpace/Facebooks pages so if someone wants to know more about a band they know where to check them out. I am hoping that driving more traffic to their site will increase awareness of the bands. I guess my ultimate goal is to increase awareness of great unsigned bands in Maryland. There you have it…that is the reason for this Blog.

In future entries I will write about me and lay out my list of bands I will be reviewing over the coming months.

Thanks for reading.